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"Dear Boerma family and all the nice people who help, you make this institute so special. I learned so much about flower arranging but maybe as important as that, I learned a lot about my self." - Sophie Ioannou, Cyprus
"A very innovative school with an eye on the commercial aspect of the floral design. The good reputation is deserved." - Thomas Spiess
Very informative, good guidance and atmosphere in the group. We learned a lot about the floral work at funerals, but also got information about different funeral ceremonies." - student funeral work (nov.2015)
"On each occasion when I visit the school, I meet motivated teachers and helpful hands." - Hugo Nimmegeers
"Boerma School is the place where it all started for me: It opened my eyes and I saw flowers and floristry in the most unique way." - Oana Cristina Penciu
"Incredible experience there, master design program, a must." - Kathryn Kae Nilsson
"The Boerma Instituut is THE place to inject all things floral into your DNA!" - Angela Gossington-Hurd

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