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About Us

A true family company

Boerma Instituut is a true family business. You can read our history here. Theo Boerma and his wife José established the Boerma Instituut in 1980 as first private floral design school in the Netherlands. In 2013, their daughter Jacqueline took over the ownership of the company. Since that year also Mike Boerma, the eldest son of Jacqueline, started working for the company. He is the fifth generation Boerma working in the flower business. This 120 years of love and experience with flowers and floral design you feel at the Boerma Instituut.
For already 35 years Boerma Instituut is the place to be for creative and thorough courses in Dutch Floral Design. Whether you are looking for a vocational training, or you want to refresh your knowledge as a florist, or you want to do a workshop because floral design is your hobby, Boerma Instituut has an extensive variety of workshops and courses at every level.

Boerma Instituut is affiliated with:


Boerma Instituut is registered at CRKBO (Dutch central register for short-term vocational education). Boerma Instituut is an officially recognized private educational institution according to the European VAT guideline. This guideline determines that vocational education that is not subsidized by the government is liable to VAT - unless this education is given by an institution that is officially recognized. This means that all vocational training by Boerma Instituut is exempt from VAT and costs can be deducted. Please refer to your tax office for more information about the applicable ruling.


Boerma Instituut is a member of NRTO, the umbrella organization of all private training and education institutes in the Netherlands.
To guarantee quality and to make it transparent, the NRTO set up a code of conduct in cooperation with the Dutch Consumer union. Members of the NRTO are obliged t comply with this code. Members of NRTO are also affiliated with the Arbitration Board Consumer Affairs Foundation. NRTO is involved in the ISO- standardization and consults regularly with quality assurance organizations in the Netherlands. NRTO informs her members actively about initiatives that are taken in order to make the quality of private education, and training institutions (internationally) transparent.



Boerma Instituut is also affiliated with Florint, the international florist organization. Since March 29, 2007, Jacqueline Boerma has been one of the jury members of 'European Judges in Floral Design.

World Flower Council

Boerma Instituut is a member of the World Flower Council, which has members in 29 countries all over the world. The WFC is an international organization in the flower sector, that takes care of the exchange of people working in the flower business. Every year WFC organizes a summit in a different country.


Boerma Instituut is a member of the Dutch association of florists - Vereniging Bloemist-Winkeliers, de VBW. Pieter Boerma, great-grandfather of Jacqueline was board member since the establishment of the association until 1942. Her grandfather Nico Boerma has been senior board member since 1942 until 1972 when the House of Flowers of Boerma closed.
The VBW is de branch organization for Dutch florists. 1400 florists and shop owners are a member and the association is aimed at improvement of the entrepreneurs' perspective and the corporate vitality of the companies in the flower business. VBW is the Dutch national affiliate of Florint.