Dutch Floral Design
For many years, Holland has been known abroad as the country of water, wooden shoes, windmills and bicycles.

But because of  very good organization and maybe also because of an advertisement campaign by the Flower Council of Holland, our country has become widely known as a flower (exporting) country.

Not only the quality of these products are of a very high standard, but also their subsequent use. Many well-known Dutch floral designers regularly travel around the world to give demonstrations.

This way of arranging is known as Dutch Floral Design and is very highly thought of by many around the world.
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Pim van den Akker  € 75,-
In our webshop you can find +/- 200 floral design books.
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Dutch Floral Design Japan
Many foreign florists and students come to Holland from all over the world to see and learn from this method at exhibitions and trade fairs. If they want to follow a good professional course in Dutch flower design, then Holland is the only possible country in which to do that.

Boerma Instituut in Aalsmeer (only 1500 meters from the world's largest Flower Auction and only a few minutes from Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport, offers all possibilities in this field.

Boerma Instituut is the only International Floral Design School in Holland,
It is also the only privately owned school in Holland especially built for the study of floral design. It has three instruction rooms and its own bar facilities.
Below is a list of countries of origin of our (former) international students. We have left out most of the more familiar western European countries because of the space factor.
Tsjechowaskia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Poland, Kazchastan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Southern Africa, Canada, The whole of United states and Hawaii, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.
Over 30 years experience
For over 30 years now, the Boerma Instituut has been specialised in giving national and international professional floristry courses.
Our teachers are very experienced and capable in teaching, demonstrations and giving workshops, in countries all over the world.

Teaching a professional floristry course is a very specialised job, that demands a skilful teacher:
In experience, knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm. This is why we have high demands when it comes down to choosing our teachers.
Floral Design Books
Right next to the entrance on the right we have our little floral Design book shop where you can buy floral design books and all kinds of flower arranging materials, you can have a look at our wide range of floral design books, and maybe discover some new ideas.
After all, what would an International Floral Design School be without floral design books?

Our shop is opened during course days, or you can arrange an appointment by phone to come and visit us. We once even had a group of 40 ladies from New Sealand who visited us just for the books.

Café de Mijnen
We also have a comfortable and inviting bar, Café de Mijnen.
All courses at Boerma Instituut give you many new ideas and will be the gateway to a fresh and new way of thinking and working with flowers.

During the early years of the Boerma Instituut, the Professional course was only conducted in Dutch.
In 1985 we started to conduct courses in English. From all over the world professionals have come to our school, individually as well as in groups.

The teachers of Boerma Instituut have also taught, given workshops and demonstrations in many countries of the world and that has certainly helped enormously.
We have 'gathered' a great number of Dutch-, European- and World Champions in the past years, who will assist us when we need their help.

For example, in alphabetical order. : Aad van Uffelen, Bart van der Elsken, Dorien Roling, Gregor Lersch, Irma Mus, Johan Huisman, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Petra van der Veen, Xander Zijlmans, Wally Klett.
2006 MCI2D Aad van Uffelen 2006 VMI1D Bob van den  Heuvel 2006 MCI Gregor Lersch
2007 MCI Petra van der Veen Gregor Lersch & Wim Hazelaar 2003 MCI  Xander Zijlmans
2006 MCI3D Wim Hazelaar 2003 Peters Boeijkens 2007 MCI Moniek Vanden Berghe & Dorien Roling
Family business
The Boerma Instituut International Floral Design School is a family business. Theo and José Boerma started the school in 1980. To our great loss José Boerma passed away in September 2009.
Their eldest daughter Jacqueline works there (in 2010 already 39  years) and she has also earned her stripes world wide.

Alongside our fixed small team of family members we rely on the help of  our other staff and also on some well known floral artists.
Flower Auction FloraHolland
Our school is located at the Legmeerdijk 227 (N231), right in the hart of the worlds biggest flower central, Aalsmeer. Just 1500 meters from the head entrance of Flower auction FloraHolland in the direction of Amstelveen.
Here we have turned a former greenhouse into an admirable floral design school.

Boerma Instituut abroad
Boerma Instituut in Taipei, Taiwan was established in 1993.
Since 2001 there is a Boerma Instituut Japan in Tokyo, this is a franchise company, where the same professional courses and short courses are, given, conducted by the Japanese teachers over there. Trained by the Boerma Instituut and Aad van Uffelen.
Since 2006 we give the professional course in Holambra, Brazil. So if you think Aalsmeer is too far away for you, you can always find another possibility to join one of our courses.
Feel right at home
As soon as you enter the Boerma Instituut you will notice something special. Not only is the school small and intimate but the atmosphere is also  different from a regular school. You will won't get the feeling of being back at school sitting lined up in school benches, it's rather a bit more informal and comfortable. Often students tell us that they like this about our school. They feel right at home and because of this they always come back to school with lots of enthusiasm.

Open House

To give as much information to you as we can, the Boerma Instituut doesn’t only hand out brochures and leaflets, we also have a, so called Open House.
During these days, the Boerma Instituut is opened from 12.00 till 16.00 hours.
There will be demonstrations in floral art, given by our teachers and/or (former) students.
Boerma Instituut will be at the IFTF again from November 6-8, 2013 and will give demonstrations in the Boerma Floral Design theater together with Tomas de Bruyne and Pim van den Akker.
Saturday Juli 6th Open House from 12-4 with demonstrations by the new masters in Dutch Floral Design.

Come and have look
Don't just believe us, drop by and have a look around, compare and see for yourself. Soon you will be convinced that flower arranging is our speciality.
Our Bridalwork Master Classes with Wally Klett start the 22th of April.