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Dutch florist Danielle van der Lee (Meesterlijk Groen) studied at the Boerma Instituut.

"A perfect basis for the florist business"

Danielle van der Lee was working as an ICT consultant when she felt that it was time to start something new. As she'd always loved flowers, Danielle started a floral design course at the Open University. That felt so well that she decided to look for professional floral design courses and that's when she found Boerma Instituut.

"During the DFD course I registered my company - Meesterlijk Groen (translated as Master in Green) at the Chamber of Commerce. At that moment, I did not have a clear idea yet, but I was positive to continue with floristry and flower design as my profession." Danielle says.

After successfully passing the DFD exam she wanted to deepen and extend her knowledge and skills, so the decision to opt for the ADFD course at Boerma Instituut was a logical one. "It's a follow-up course with more in-depth techniques and skills, I really wanted that," says Danielle, who is now specialized in bridal work.

"After my studies at Boerma Instituut, I started as a florist, though not with a shop, I did - and still do - only commissioned work. At first I did all kinds of flower work, like bouquets and funeral work, However, during the time, you learn what really suits you best and for me, that was bridal work. Since I made the choice to specialize in bridal work my business is really booming. " says Danielle with a smile.


Next to her work with fresh flowers as "Meesterlijk Groen", Danielle makes artwork with durable natural materials labeled as "Daan Natural Art". "With Boerma Instituut's vocational courses I got a perfect base for my floristry work. Actually, you never stop learning. I still follow master classes regularly to broaden my knowledge." according to Danielle.

Dear Boerma family and all the nice people who help, you make this institute so
special. I learned so much about flower arranging but maybe as important as that, I
learned a lot about my self. You all helped me to find my self and now I know I can be
proud of my self. It means so much for me!

‘If you are in love with life, then you are in love with flowers as well !
These four weeks have been very stressful for me... I just wanted to bring my inner
self out. I think I managed. This is the correct place to be… if you want to meet your
bigger expectations. It is a battle with yourself. Don’t think, just do it !’.
– Sophie Ioannou, Cyprus

"Very informative, good guidance and atmosphere in the group. We learned a lot about the floral work at funerals, but also got information about different funeral ceremonies."
– Student Funeral work (nov.2015)