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Japanese Ikebana Master comes to Boerma Instituut

publicatiedatum 05/04/18 03:58:p.m.

Japanese Ikebana Master Mario Hirama comes to the Netherlands and gives an Ikebana workshop at the Boerma Instituut on Monday June 18.

In 2015 we met wij Mario Hirama for the first time during a Hanaike Battle in Sendai. He is a very interesting Ikebana meester with an enthousiastic demeanor.

One of his specialties is to make interesting compositions with aa small amount of flowers as possible.

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese form of flower arranging and approaches floral design on a different way than the Western style.
Do you want to learn how to work with flowers in a different way?
Then click here to find more information or to join the course.

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