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Daytrip Fleuramour, Alden Biesen, Belgium

21 Sep 2018 08:30 - 22:00

Alden Biesen, België

Fleuramour, thé floral design happening in Alden Biesen.

Join us on a trip to Fleuramour, thé floral design happening, on Friday September 22nd. Yearly the even is opened in a cheerful fashion with 'Hatday' on Friday.

Everyone who comes with his own 'botanically decorated headwear' will get a free glass of cava by the event organisers. Everyone can show his or her hat on the catwalk and get a chance to win a fun prize! Of course we are sure everyone will bring their own decorated headwear.

For those who want to make their own floral headwear, we organize a one day workshop on Thursday the 22nd, for more information go to this webpage:

On the way back we stop in Maastricht to have a lovely dinner. Everyone is allowed to group up and go to a restaurant of their own choosing (as the dinner is not included in the price).

Fleuramour is a yearly event where great floral designers from all over the world come to decorate the chambers, rooms and gardens of the Alden Biesen castle. Come and find inspiration in every corner of this lovely and enchanting estate.


Departure from Aalsmeer 8.30 'o clock.
Departure from Alden Biesen 17.00 'o clock.
Dinner in Maastricht.
Departure from Maastricht 19.30 'o clock.

For an impression of Fleuramour please visit their website:

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