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Boerma family, 120 years experience in the flower business

2015 is a special year. It is exactly 35 years ago that Theo Boerma and his wife José Boerma - Dalmeijer established the international floral design school, the Boerma Instituut. However, the Boerma family's love for flowers and the flower business started already some 120 years ago.

Back in 1896 Pieter Boerma started as a gardner and established his own flower shop in the south of the Netherlands. His son Nico followed in his footsteps with his own flower shop. Both played an important role in the professionalization of florists in the Netherlands.

Born and raised with flowers, Nico's son Theo Boerma specialised in flower arrangements became one of the first teachers in floral design. In 1968 the family moved to Aalsmeer when Theo became a professor the horticultural college. In 1980, Theo and José established the Boerma Instituut, the international school in Dutch Flower design. Since then the institute has been welcoming thousands of students from all over the world. The eldest daughter Jacqueline Boerma joined the family business in 1981.

Unfortunately José passed away in 2009 and Theo passed away in 2014. Their knowledge, experience and love are missed dearly.

Since 2013 the Boerma Instituut is run by Jacqueline Boerma and Mike Boerma joined the family business. For the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Boerma Instituut in 2015, a new logo and visual design were developed. Successfully continuing what Theo started with passion and enthousiasm, Boerma Instituut looks at the future with confidence,

Whether it is a professional course in Dutch Flower Design or a themed workshop as a hobby, Boerma Instituut provides a thorough curriculum with skilled teachers based on 120 years experience with and love for flowers and floral arrangements.

Boerma Instituut stands for skill, quality and creativity
in Dutch floral design.

1986, Theo Boerma with his eldest daugther Jacqueline, now the owner of Boerma Instituut.

Maastricht 1912, "Aurora" the flower shop of Pieter Boerma

1946, the Boerma family at the flower business in Maastricht. Theo (right) is 4 years old.

In loving memory of Theo Boerma (1942 - 2014)