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Boerma Instituut does not have a canteen or restaurant, but a real pub where students can relax during breaks and lunch. It is called "Café de Mijnen" ("Mijnen" are coal mines). Cafe de Mijnen is a real nice and cosy Dutch brown cafe, decorated by a lot of original mine gear from the old mines of Limburg, the south of Holland. That's the area where the Boerma family originally comes from. Whilst the Boerma family was occupied by the flower business, the Dalmeijer family - the family of José, Theo Boerma's wife - was working in the mines. The pub at the Boerma Instituut was designed according to this mining theme to commemorate this.

Genuine Dutch sandwich buffet with homemade soup

Before the lessons start and during the breaks everybody can relax in our cafe, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. If the weather is fine, the sliding doors are opened, giving access to the terrace, where of course a lot of flowers and plants grow. The Dutch style lunch buffet - with sandwiches, homemade soup, milk and juices - is also served in the pub.

Party center Café de Mijnen

Café de Mijnen is not only available for students of the Boerma Instituut. It can be rented for special occasions too. We provide full service party and event management. Please contact us for further information and details: