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Boerma Instituut is the international floral design school that
offers Dutch Floral Design courses and workshops for professionals and hobbyists


09 Dec 2016 13:15 - 16:00 /
09 Dec 2016 19:15 - 22:00 /
10 Dec 2016 13:15 - 16:00 /
11 Dec 2016 13:15 - 16:00 /

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Level 1

Boerma Instituut offers a wide range of courses and themed workshops "Dutch Floral Design" at different levels for professionals as well as for hobbyists. The level of each course and workshop is mentioned on the course pages, or you can select your own level in the menu to see the available courses.
Level 1 are courses aimed for everyone who loves flowers and floral design, no experience or prior education is necessary. Our Dutch Floral Design course is a professional course at level 1, the best start for your career as florist or floral designer.

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Level 2

Our level 2 courses are aimed for florists and floral designers who succesfully completed our Dutch Floral Design course (or a similar course at the same level) and want to deepen and extend their knowledge and skills.

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Level 3

Our level 3 courses are aimed for experienced professional florists and floral designers who want to reach the highest level in Dutch Floral Design. Our Master in Dutch Floral Design course is well known and has provided already many international Masters.

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21 Oct 2016, 12:00

From Wednesday November 2nd until Friday November 4th there will be another House Shouw at Boerma Instituut!

18 Oct 2016, 16:47

The last edition of Fleuramour was another great event. People from all over the world came to visit Alden Biesen to see the works of art from international master Floral Designers and to get some inspiration. The theme this year was the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire.

27 Jul 2016, 23:42

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our colleague florist and dear friend Stijn Simaeys. He inspired us, our students and all people around him with his creative mind and sparkling personality.

What our students say about us

"Dear Boerma family and all the nice people who help, you make this institute so special. I learned so much about flower arranging but maybe as important as that, I learned a lot about my self." - Sophie Ioannou, Cyprus
Very informative, good guidance and atmosphere in the group. We learned a lot about the floral work at funerals, but also got information about different funeral ceremonies." - student funeral work (nov.2015)

Our webshop offers all materials for your own floral designs and a lot of inspirational books and magazines


Since 1980, Boerma Instituut has welcomed thousands of international Dutch Floral Design students

Boerma Instituut is the only international floral design school in the Netherlands, offering already for 35 years Dutch Floral Design courses to non-Dutch professionals and hobbyists. Since the establishment of the school in 1980, thousands of international students got their Dutch Floral Design education at Boerma Instituut.
The teachers of Boerma also travel to other countries like the Czech Republic and Brazil to provide full professional courses Dutch Floral Design. The floral designers of the team of Boerma give demonstrations all over the world.

Boerma Instituut is an officially recognized private school in the Netherlands, affiliated with NRTO and registered at CRKBO.

Boerma Instituut is affiliated with NRTO, the branche organization of private schools and training institutes in the Netherlands. We fully comply with the NRTO's code of conduct that has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch Consumer Organization.

We are also registered at the CRKBO which means that we fulfill the requirements of the EU quality code for organizations for vocational education. .

In short, Boerma Instituut assures her students of reliable and high-quality courses in Dutch Floral Design.

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